YOW Costume Contest 2011

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

It’s that time of season again: Halloween! As stated in this weeks episode of “The Office”, it is the time of year when we celebrate fear. Kind of a strange thing. But when you add free candy to the mix, everything makes sense.

Halloween also means the annual costume contests for YOW and BTW. At YOW on the 26th we had the first set of contests and we’ll see the high school competition at BTW in a couple more days.

But let’s be honest, the middle schoolers have set the bar high. Here are a few snapshots of the contest in action!

The entries in the advisor category: Carrie, Kris, Scotty, Daniel, Alec, & Shannon…
Entries for Best Advisor

No Halloween is complete without a ghost, nerds and jocks chatting, and the inevitable candy addiction…
A Ghost!Nerds & Jocks Can Be FriendsCandy Dealer & User

The entries for the “Best Overall” category…
Entries for Best Overall Category

And the winners in the different categories
“Nerd” – Most Creative
“Zach” (aka another nerd) – Best Advisor
“Runner” – Best Attempt
“Ladies Gaga” – Best Overall
7th & 8th Grade Winners in Each Category

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