YOW & BTW Return

by lopcyouth

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today we enter the final stretch.

Today YOW returns after Spring Break and Easter, with BTW returning this coming Sunday, April 15th. These last few weeks always pass by really fast. There are a grand total of 6 BTWs and 7 YOWs left before the end of the school year. How crazy is that?!

We also hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We finished up our Lenten Reflection series last week with Brie and Nate reflecting on their experience reading through Acts together. I spent Easter weekend in Pala, CA where my good friend Nick, who I’ve known since 9th grade (almost 20 years!), got married. This was a great weekend for a lot of reasons; it is always special to see a good friend get married but all the more so when involved in the ceremony – I had the privilege to be Nick’s Best Man.

That also meant I was giving a speech/toast at the reception, so I had several weeks to fret about what to say. As I told Nick a week or so ago, I am still a petty man in a lot of ways. As it turns out, one of those ways is the desire to have the best speech in a toasting situation at his wedding. I bring that up only because I realized one of the reasons I was stressing the toast so much was because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself in that respect.

I hit a breakthrough with it when I was staring blandly at my blinking cursor in a blank Word doc on my monitor. I suddenly had the thought that what I really wanted was to talk about a loved friend I had known a long time. I wanted to share some of the stories we have had because I think some of those stories also tell the tale of who Nick is.

I’m getting a bit sappy here but I (re)discovered a truth in that moment: it is a wonderful gift to hold up a friend with love in words.

That is just a true thing to me. And all the more so to do that on the eve of Easter, when we experience what Christ has done on the cross and live in anticipation of what Christ will do on Easter morning.

So while I did not exactly have a traditional Easter this year, I do hold that weekend as something special, as something set apart and holy, and as a gift – even in small measure – of the gift we receive in the empty tomb on Easter morning.

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