Check In with Texans

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Our six crews finished their first day of service here in Austin! Here’s what we were up do:

Georgetown Housing Authority has 126 low-income home units that serve people of all ages, many of them seniors. We cleaned yards and patios in the morning and spent the afternoon playing cards and games at their Senior Center.

AGE is a senior adult daycare facility that serves people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. We played games (bingo and mop hockey) and did arts are crafts with the members.

Georgetown Boys and Girls club provides summer camp to about 300 kids, providing free lunches. We played games with the kids, served lunch and helped in the art classes.

At Austin State Supported Living Center, the team visited with adults who have developmental and/or mental disabilities; painting pictures for them, serving in the recreation room and meeting the incredibly kind staff.

Angel House Soup Kitchen serves meals to 400 people a day. The team prepared and served lunch to guests with smiling faces.

Hero’s Night Out provides therapy and job support programs to veterans. The team heard the stories of two Vietnam vets and helped repair a broken fence.

We also discovered a fantastic new game called 9-square! Check out some pics of our crews at work here!