Youth Group Tonight…?

by lopc

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Hello BTWers…

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and are getting lots of studying done. Zach and I have not had to study all weekend…lucky us! Instead of studying Zach had the chance to go visit his brother this weekend in Portland and Nate and I went to a friend’s wedding in Dixon…that’s one exciting place to visit!

For those of you who might be wondering if we have youth group tonight…we do! Tonight is chill… we will be having some fellowship time, doing a short activity, and then most likely going to Yogurt Shack. So, if you are in need of a study break stop by.

If we don’t see you tonight we wish you the best of luck with your finals this week and we will hopefully see you next week at BTW! Next week at BTW our topic is about Technology!

In the spirit of MLK weekend, Zach wanted to recommend a book to you. It was mentioned at Middle School Sunday school this morning: Hope on a Tightrope by Cornel West.

Hope on a Tightrope

In Zach’s words, “This book blows my mind at least once every chapter. It makes my heart break over intensely important issues and reminds me that there is so much more going on – and in so many big areas of life – than what I settle for in my day-to-day living. It has a way of haunting me for not caring enough and for ‘being so well-adjusted to injustice’, but it also emboldens me to be willing to speak out about issues that we are far too often willing to idly ignore.”

Cornel West has been a Professor of Religion and the Director of African American Studies at Princeton and Harvard and will be returning to Union Theological Seminary  in New York to teach Religious Philosophy and Christian Practice. Read something by him and you will feel enlightened and, I hope, be compelled and emboldened to live a more meaningful, loving, engaging life.

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