Work Days Are Done In Joplin

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

We are through all the work days here in Joplin! Yesterday it felt like the heat poured on as we worked into the afternoon sun. On the last day groups worked extra hard to finish their respective projects for the week: flooring, painting, leveling a yard with dirt, filling a foundation with rock, building a balcony overhang, and more.

In the late afternoon several groups had a chance to visit the memorial built for the victims of the May 2011 tornado at Cunningham Park. Many were also able to go visit a community pool to help cool off after a long week of work.

Today the group will head east to the Springfield area where they will not only enjoy a cave tour via jeep (ever been on the Indiana Jones ride at Disney?) before checking out a restaurant for dinner famous for its throwed rolls (it is rumored that a baseball glove comes in handy there).

In less than 36 hours we will be home and we can hardly believe it! We are looking forward to cooler temperatures and soothing stiff muscles from very hard labor this week!

And we are looking forward to the pool party for all trip participants and families on Sunday evening from 4-6pm at the Ross abode! A great time to share and hear stories and enjoy a relaxing evening together!

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