Who do you say I am?

by lopc

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Today was our first work day. We woke up in time for breakfast at 7.30 am, loaded our vans with our lunches and water coolers and were given instructions in the parking lot. 
We went to the Church where our guys slept. The pastor of that Church shared his story – how God brought him and his family from Minnesota to Seattle. He talked about loving everyone equally and how God provided for him, his family and the Church. 

Soon after that, our group was split in 3 and we took a bus to downtown Seattle on what they called the “Urban Dip”. The purpose was to observe the people, the neighborhood, etc. The groups got different experiences out of the same task – some went to the affluent neighborhood and saw how people lived there even though there were poor musicians around the corner, some walked around Dept. of Social Health, YWCA, etc., some met a random person who took them to a Women’s Day shelter. All in all, it was a very interesting experience, including the bus ride. 


We regrouped at the Church, had our lunch and went in different teams to our service projects.

One group went to each home in the neighborhood to invite people for a “Block Party” happening tomorrow. 

Another group picked up trash and promoted another Church’s block party in South Park, a low income neighborhood. 

Here’s Rev. Lauren Gully helping to clean the neighborhood 

One group went to the Boys & Girls Club to hang out with the kids and also do some cleaning (including unclogging a toilet :)) 

After the service projects were done, we got our much needed showers and had dinner. Students helped clean up after  

Fun time after dinner: 

Worship was at 7.03 pm with songs and “God Sightings”. It was very interesting to hear where some of us saw God at work. 

The site director then continued to share his testimony. Yesterday’s question was “What do you want?”.

Today’s question was “Who do you say I am?” or “Who is Jesus to you?”.

During the small groups, the question triggered a lot of interesting conversation as kids shared their vulnerability as they progressed on their faith journeys. Our adults shared their experiences about how we are all progressing on our faith journeys regardless of our age. We stressed the fact that we don’t have to conform to other people’s faith journeys, but continue to create our own.
Please pray for our students as they process other peoples experiences and how it impacts their lives.

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