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This really doesn’t have to do with anything. But Christopher Walken is a funny guy. I mean, not like a comedian, but he is just a really unique person… I’m not sure I’ve seen him play a bad role (not to say he hasn’t been in some really bad movies, but he is always a bright spot in a film).

I heard a rumor – and thus have no idea about the truth of this – that when he gets a script he has someone remove all the punctuation from it, then he is able to insert his own pauses, which results in the sometimes genius but always interesting delivery.

I hope that rumor is true. First, because it speaks to someone who has enough influence that he can have someone go through a script and tediously remove the periods, commas, capital letters, etc. Second, because I like a commitment to a craft that allows you to approach it in your own way, even down to the lines that someone else has written for you to say. It is like someone is giving him a song which he then chooses to approach from a jazz perspective. Third, and this is the most subjective point, I like to think we should approach life the same way. We are so often told where the periods are, where the commas go, where the appropriate question marks reside. In middle school and high school I think you get berated for actually marching to the beat of your own drum (or walken to the pauses of your own punctuation, as it were). And that’s a shame, because the coolest and most amazing people I know obey their own drum thoughtfully and joyfully.

As an aside, I rank Walken as one of the most intimidating guys I have ever seen. I mean, look at this photo. If you were going to date someone and it came time to meet his or her father, is that not the face of your nightmares?

I should note I’ve heard he is a really nice guy. Sometimes really nice guys have really intimidating faces. It’s part of life.

If you don’t know who Christopher Walken is, here’s a little lesson.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2guQYivZ6w&w=420&h=315]

And don’t forget more cowbell

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