The End of the Week

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

We just finished the end of the work week in New Orleans! Most of the pictures on the worksites were taken with non-phone cameras, so those will get posted a little later. But it has been an eventful week. Heat is crazy, and while our rooms have been blessedly cool, sometimes the kitchen crews have dealt with gnarly conditions…


Even in the face of heat Maddie N. had a great 16th birthday party earlier this week…


We even had time to check out a music festival across from the French Quarter at Algiers Point – it was Latin Night! Wonderful local food (including a shaved iced treat with a Tiger’s Blood flavor that would have pleased Charlie Sheen), and a fun ferry ride made for a great taste of local life. Afterward we had a chance to explore the French Quarter for a little bit, too!



A wonderful sunset heading back to the north side of the river on the ferry…


Maybe the toughest part of the trip has been when your group is assigned to breakfast prep, meaning you get up an hour earlier than everyone else. It is rough work, but the breakfast meals have been amazing! Good job to all the breakfast crews!


We head out in a little bit for a swamp tour followed by a dinner in town as a way to celebrate the hard work everyone did this week. Then tomorrow we get to sleep in a bit before we head home. See you back at in the good old Bay Area – we are looking forward to milder temperatures for sure!