Summer Arrives!

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

As of last Friday summer is officially here for most students. And for some, last Friday was graduation – high school is now just a memory… a sweet, sweet memory.

I’m not gonna lie: I love summer. It is a chance for the pace to change, to enjoy some great weather, and to spend time with awesome people. Brie and I are both hoping to do a lot of that with students and leaders over the next few months.

I was a lucky duck today and got to hang out with the very awesome Megan, for whom high school is now a memory, and rode bikes, mostly avoiding the heat while taking a 30-mile pass around San Pablo and Briones Reservoirs. I should note that Megan is a biking phenom and handles hills like a pro.

Thumbs up all around!

Megan Bike

Zach Bike

And while we are on the topic of thumbs up, a leader recently got engaged! I’m going to assume this is now public knowledge/fair game because it is posted on Facebook. I’m not going to say WHICH leader, but his name rhymes with Cat Smell. Congratulations Cat!

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