Splash Retreat

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

The youth directors and a couple of adult volunteers went with students on the SPLASH (Student Leadership) Team to Salinas this weekend – 6 pm on Friday to 6 pm on Saturday. 

Our amazing youth directors: 

We reached our base Church in Salinas on Friday night. After claiming our sleeping space, we were split into various teams to brainstorm leadership activities amongst the youth. Some of the teams were Inspire, Social, Games, Mission, etc.  

After the team meeting, we had a surprise trip to get some late night food and then went to bed – or should I say ‘sleeping bags’!

We woke up bright and early at 6.30 am, had breakfast and started to head out – but not without taking care of our dental hygiene: 

We were separated into two service teams. Some of the projects we worked on were – serving breakfast at a shelter; sorting donated clothes; painting a shed, doors and windows; cleaning the basement, etc.   

The people that we served with were very warm, loving, caring, genuine and demonstrated Christ’s love. It was a privilege to serve with them. 

We also did get a break, experienced a tour of the facilities, hung out at the local Farmer’s Market and had some fun.  


After lunch, we went to a Spanish Church to explore service opportunities for the mission trip this summer. They don’t have a full time pastor because they can’t afford one, but we could see the passion they had for Jesus and the Bible. We had a good discussion with them and some of us even got to use our Spanish language skills 🙂 

After the meeting, we drove back to the Bay Area and stopped at a restaurant to debrief. We shared what we saw and heard, and also how to move forward.  

 We were all humbled at the opportunity and feel very blessed.