Service Projects & Block Party 

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The group went to different service projects in their teams.
Service Project # 1 – Foster Home

Several teams went to a foster home to do a random act of kindness – weeding.

But once they got there, they saw a greater need and decided to give the home a face lift.

Our teams worked on the inside of their home (cleaned the kitchen, organized most of the house, did laundry) and outside (painting the white picket fence, weeding, planting a garden). They even found some slugs that they named Tennyson, Posh Spice and Jean Claude!
Diana is the lady at the foster home who has adopted 8 kids and has two of her own.

Sarah, one of the adoptees spoke to us about life as a foster child. She is going to college in Barcelona for the upcoming semester.

Her story was very inspirational, but down to earth.

 Service Project # 2 – Aurora Commons
This is a place for people are homeless to hang out, get some free food they cook for themselves and get medical services during the day.

Our youth served by spending time with the guests, cleaning & organizing. 

Service Project # 3 – Elementary School
Two of the teams pulled weeds and spruced up the playgrounds on the campus of Northgate Elementary, where the majority of children and their families live off of food stamps. Summer classes were in full swing, and we had fun interacting with the students in recess. As children came and went, we overheard them saying, “Wow, they’re still working?” The teacher looked at us and said “this is the Children’s way of appreciating what you are doing for us”. 

Service Project # 4 – Food Bank
One team went to the Food bank to distribute the food to the people that were lined up. It was such a joy to see the happiness of other people. The food bank we went to has about 1,400 people that come through each week. They have different types of food that they give to everyone. They also provide cat and dog food, which made a few people very happy. 

 This group finished more than an hour early and decided to go on a nature hike to debrief.  


Service Project # 5 – Random act of kindness
This team worked around the host Church 

 Block Party

Our host Church had a community outreach program where people from neighborhood came to the Block Party. We had balloons, face painting, corn toss, bouncy houses, hot dogs, and other small games. It was a fun evening getting to know the people in the neighborhood where we’re serving. 

Miscellaneous pictures

 Please pray for all the kids and adults on this trip, that God may continue in and through them.

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