Seasons of Change

by lopc

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For those that have not yet heard, I will be leaving LOPC to begin my first call as an ordained pastor. In April I will move to Village Presbyterian Church as the Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries in the Kansas City area. This is a copy of the letter that went out to the LOPC congregation this weekend…

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Dear Members and Friends of LOPC,

In the life of our church it’s often easy to forget that there are times and seasons for us as a congregation, and also for the gifted staff who serve us so faithfully. We rejoice when those times and seasons bring us together, and we are saddened when they require us to part ways. We know, however, that God is a present reality guiding every one of us in the path that leads to abundant life.

It was with great joy that we welcomed Zach Walker to our staff four years ago. Under his leadership, our youth ministry has experienced a time and season of exciting growth. Working with Brie Johnson and an exceptional cadre of volunteers, he has lived, taught and modeled the life in Christ to which we are called.

This past year, however, Zach began to feel the call to ordained ministry in the church. In conversations with him, I sensed that this was the next step in his personal and professional development in service to the church. Zach was contacted recently by a wonderful church in Kansas City, and he has come to discern a call to take up the position of Teaching Elder (Pastor) for Youth Ministries at the Village Presbyterian Church there. I am confident that he will be the blessing to them that he has been for us.

We are currently taking steps to provide for the leadership needs of our exceptional and important youth ministry moving forward, and I hope you will join me in commending Zach for his work with us and celebrating this new call to ordained ministry. His last Sunday with us will be March 24th, Palm Sunday, and there will be a reception for him from 5 to 7 p.m. that day. If you would like to make a gift to Zach in gratitude for his ministry here, please make it out to LOPC and write “Zach” on the memo line. We will gather these gifts together and present them to him.

In the bond of Christ’s love,

Peter Whitelock

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