Salinas Mission Trip – Service Day Two

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Mission, Youth Ministry

All of us slept really well last night because we were so tired!

But we did manage to wake up on time and go about our day serving others with the love of Jesus Christ.

The teams had different service projects in the morning, but got together for the afternoon service project.

Here are the team reports:

Team ONE:
Team 1 served food to the homeless community and worked in the food warehouse at the Salvation Army


Team TWO:
Team 2 worked with migrant services before heading to ALBA.
Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of Team 2 in their morning project, but we have plenty of pictures of this team in the afternoon service project and at the beach.



Team 3 worked at Dorothy’s Place where they worked in the kitchen doing various things – setting up, serving breakfast and cleaning up after , making different kinds of sandwiches, shredding pork which was cooked overnight, wrapping silverware for their hundred + guests, etc. They then went to a park int he neighborhood where one of our advisors Cameron Adkison was raised.


Team FOUR:
Team 4 worked at a mobile food bank site passing out food. The hot ticket item at the food bank was Oprah’s mashed potatoes and raspberries!



All teams – ALBA
For the afternoon service project, all the teams went to Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA).
ALBA provides opportunities to all kinds of farmers to learn how to be better farmers, especially with all the bureaucracy of larger corporations.
They have a 5 year program where they are given a small piece of land to grow whatever they want.

When our teams reached the site, we were provided orientation of their organization and farmers in general.
We had two farmers who were there to answer questions.
Victor Cortez is a genuine entrepreneur who is graduating the 5 year program this year.
We also had Bernardo, who is in his 2nd year in the program. Both Victor and Bernardo explained how the program works and how it is beneficial to them.

When we posed the question of how we may support the farmers and advocate for them, they said the short term tangible help would be shopping in farmers markets rather than corporate grocery stores. But they also hoped that laws would change that would enable them to buy small fields in California. Interestingly, almost all the farms in California are owned by large corporations, thereby forcing farmers to lease the land from these corporations.

After the orientation, Teams 1 and 4 went with Bernardo while the other two teams went with Victor to visit their farms and to pull weeds and do some harvesting. After little over an hour the teams switched.

Since these are organic farms, there are no pesticides, so weeding is back-breaking manual work!



All teams – Carmel Beach
After the tiring day on the fields, we went to Carmel beach to have a relaxing time playing volleyball, spike ball, venturing in the cold water (only some of us), etc.

We had dinner on the beach and even had worship there!!



We came back around 9 pm, had some downtime for showers, catching up, board games, etc. till lights out at 10:30 pm.