Salinas Mission Trip – Service Day One

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Mission, Youth Ministry

Our entire group was split into 4 different teams for the drive and for service projects.

Each team has at least two different service projects each day – morning and afternoon. Teams get ready at different times each morning based on where they serve, and come back at varied times as well.

The teams rotate among the service projects so all our participants get the different experiences.

Most of the teams get up around 7:15 am and have breakfast which is set out by one of the teams.
There is a separate table for participants with dietary restrictions, and a separate table for lunch that participants make (sandwiches, fruits & snacks).
We also have a table for snacks that participants can avail of.



Here are the team reports:


Team ONE:
Team 1 started the day reading to children and helping with an art project at the migrant services summer education program at Sherwood elementary school.
Then they went to the Methodist church and heard from the pastor and a volunteer recovering from alcoholism.
They sorted clothing donations and organized food supplies.




Team TWO:
Team 2 served breakfast at Dorothy’s Place this morning and prepped for lunch.
They then went to the Food Bank of Monterey and assembled 750 bags of staple food items!
The Food Bank of Monterey provides food to 160 local non-profits including Dorothy’s Place.


Team 3 started they day at United Methodist Church which also hosts a Neighborhood Services Center that caters to the homeless population.
The Church serves breakfast and lunch, provides clothes, acts as a mail service for the homeless population in the community.
Our team helped in the kitchen prepping for lunch, and also sorted a lot of clothes that were received as donations.
The entire team also helped serve lunch to all the guests.

After lunch, they headed to Fort Ord Dunes beach since they had downtime before their afternoon service.
At 4 pm, they headed to Iglesia Bautista Laurel, which is a Spanish speaking Church, where they assisted with Vacation Bible School.
They primarily helped with games, and arts & crafts.



Team FOUR:
Team 4 packed food boxes at the Salvation Army and then served food in their food truck in Monterrey and served lunch at Dorothy’s place.
Lori Robinson joined Team 4 for the day 🙂


Team 4 also prepped dinner. We had hired a chef from the Salinas School District, Jaime De La Cruz, who made a wonderful taco bar for dinner.
Participants in Team 4 helped with the prep and the salad bar.



We had downtime where the participants took showers, played Foosball or Pool or other board games.


At 8 pm, we gathered in the sanctuary for the evening program.
It started with a time of sharing where participants shared their God-sightings and highlights from their day.

We then had worship lead by Nolan, Jackie, Tyler and Gary.

Alex and his team shared the Parable of the workers in the Vineyard which brought about the following three things:
It’s a parable about God’s graciousness.
It’s a story about people in need.
It’s a story about value.



We then got into small groups based on age and gender for about 20 minutes.
After that, it was more free-time till lights-out at 10:30 pm.

Thank you for reading.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers.