Salinas Mission Trip – Service Day Four

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Mission, Youth Ministry

The day started with one team leaving early to Dorothy’s place for breakfast, while other teams woke up at 7:15 am to have breakfast, pack lunch and leave. Allison led the group in a prayer and scripture reading before we all headed to our respective service projects.

Here are the team reports:

Team ONE:
Team 1 served in Seaside in the morning at a food bank family market mobile site. They served incredibly delicious food to over 100 people!
In the afternoon they completed our day by serving lunch at Dorothy’s Place. It was a great day of connecting with humanity.



Team TWO:
Team 2 had a wonderful morning getting to know the staff and guests at Salvation Army. They had time to sit down with the guests, play card games, and learn their stories. Many of the staff shared that they had once experienced homelessness and addiction themselves and now volunteer as an act of gratitude for the support they had received.

For a lunch break, Team 2 enjoyed soaking up the sun and playing card games at Fort Ord Dunes State Park.
They then finished the day by providing support for the VBS at Iglesia Bautista Laurel. They danced and led songs, painted ceramic animals, and played soccer.



Team 3 went to migrant services at Sherwood Elementary School. The Coordinator Christina first explained how they have the summer program for kids of migrants so they can do some extra curricular activities like art work, dancing, etc., while also taking classes in math and other subjects. Team 3 was assigned to the arts room where there was artwork that was very cool.
Kids would come into the classroom every 45 minutes based on their age. They were given the opportunity to paint miniature houses, make sock puppets or have some one read to them. The team assisted in any capacity the kids needed assistance.
Since there are so many beaches, Team 3 stopped by a beach for 30 minutes to have lunch, before proceeding to Salvation Army, which was the site for the afternoon project.
Once a month, Salvation Army has “Senior Day” where they distribute lots of food. Today was that day 🙂
Previous mission trip teams packed the non-perishable items while Team 3 put both perishables (milk, meat, yogurt, dessert, etc.) and non-perishables in a box on a cart and took it to the guests’ car. The coordinator mentioned that Team 3 finished an hour early because of their efficiency, even though there were around 140 guests in line.
After that, the advisors took Team 3 to the mall for some ice cream and drinks, and we also went to the Build a Bear Workshop to build a baby shark as a team 🙂


Team FOUR:
Team 4 returned to Dorothy’s place for breakfast. After breakfast they prepped food and cut onions until we cried and made cookies. After that, they went to the Methodist church to sort food in the pantry and deep clean their kitchen!


Evening Program:
As the teams returned to the base camp, there was downtime to take showers and play games while Team 1 cleaned the bathrooms and showers and prepped and cleaned up after dinner.
We then went to the sanctuary where Keris debriefed with the teams, we all shared God Sightings and then went into a time of worship.
After that, we had Senior Night where we recognized the four seniors on this trip – Tyler Adkison, Harper Bergquist, Nolan Carpenter and Jackie Patton. The seniors first shared their words of wisdom for the rest of the kids, which was followed by adults and kids sharing memories and best wishes for the seniors. Then all of us laid hands on the seniors to pray for them.


While the program ended at 10 pm, lights out was still at 10:30 pm since we all have an early day tomorrow.
Friday is the last service day, so please pray that God will give us an energy boost to push our tired bodies 🙂