Salinas, here we come!

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Mission, Youth Ministry

The High School mission trip this year is to Salinas, CA, a two hour drive from LOPC.

Around 4 pm this evening, parents dropped the kids off at Church where they were checked in, making sure they didn’t have their cell phones on them to be very intentional about their time on the trip.

Once all of us were checked in, we gathered in a circle for instructions and group prayer.
Keris ended the prayer with the following Prayer of Praise:

Bless the hands of the people of the earth,
The hands that plant the seed. 
The hands that gather the harvest,
The hands that carry the burden of life. 

Soften the hands of the oppressor,
Strengthen the hands of the oppressed. 

Bless the hands of the workers.
Bless the hands of those in power above them 
That the measure they deal will be tempered 
With justice and compassion. Amen.

After the prayer, we took a group picture:


We then got into the 4 vans which were divided based on the service teams we are going to be in.

Here’s one of the teams (Team 4) on the way to dinner:

We stopped to get dinner in San Jose. Some the options were Chipotle, In n Out, Panda Express, Jamba Juice, etc.

We reached Salinas around 7:45 pm, unloaded the vans at the Church we are going to stay this entire week.

Once we were settled in, Keris gathered us in the sanctuary where there was orientation.
We went over the rules, services for the week, and other instructions and announcements.
At the end of the orientation, we watched a documentary called “East of Salinas”, a documentary made by Oscar Ramos, a teacher in Salinas.
It revolved around the life of Jose, a 4th grader who is the child of migrant farmers.
This documentary provided a perspective to all of us so we can have more empathy when we start our service projects tomorrow.
Here is Keris at the orientation in the sanctuary:


After the orientation, we broke into our teams to go over our service projects for tomorrow, and then we went to our sleeping quarters to call it a day.

The girls are sleeping in two rooms at the Church while the boys are in one of the other rooms


Lights out was at 10:30 pm so we could get enough sleep before we start our day tomorrow.

Please keep us in your prayers.