Reached our home for the next few days!

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The group that we partnered with “Mission Discovery” was ready for us by 4pm today. Since we had time to kill, our fearless leader Keris had planned a trip to Bainbridge Island on the ferry. It was a quaint little island / town and we all had fun there (pictures at the end of this post). 

From the island, we took the ferry back and drove our rental vans to the host Church. Since the guys and girls are sleeping at different churches due to space constraints, the girls unloaded their bags and took it to their rooms. 

The adult advisors then met with the Mission Discovery leaders and went over some mundane logistics like showers, sleeping arrangements, schedule, food, kitchen setup, cleanup, bathroom cleanup, etc. 

After the meeting, we went straight to dinner, which was lovingly prepared by the Mission Discovery staff. We had tacos tonight.  

Once we finished dinner, we had some more free time where we played cards, basket ball, just hung out, etc. 

We were asked to congregate at 7.03pm for the evening program. Apparently, our brain would remember 7.03 better than just 7pm!! The Mission Discovery staff introduced themselves while Keris introduced our new Associate Youth Director Allison. She spoke for a few minutes introducing herself  

Sean from the Mission Discovery staff led us in worship 

He also invited us to share “God Sightings” which simply meant telling where we saw God today. But not only were we asked to share that, we were invited to follow it up with how the God Sightings mattered to us. Some of our kids shared their God sightings. 

Stan, the site director shared his testimony and the thought for this evening. We then broke into small groups to continue the discussion. Once we were done, we made some sandwiches and put them in coolers for tomorrow’s lunch. 

The boys / men then hopped in our cars and drove to the other Church about 3 to 4 miles away, to unload and get to bed. 

We’re supposed to be up around 7 for chores, and breakfast at 7.30. 

Tomorrow is our first service day and we’re looking forward to it

Now for the fun pictures from today morning: 

Ferry Ride – 

Other sightseeing pictures from today: 

Sorry for the long post – there are a lot of pictures. 

Good night from Seattle 🙂

  • Thank you so much for doing this and keeping us up to date! God’s Blessings as you start your service tomorrow!

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