Progressive Brinner Approaches!

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry


Progressive Brinner 2012
This year’s progressive meal is happening THIS Sunday night (Dec. 16) at BTW from 7-9pm! Celebrate Christmas in style by making the rounds to houses in the area eating delicious food!

Are festive holiday outfits suggested? YES!

Pajamas, holiday sweaters, those reindeer antler things, maybe a blinking Rudolph nose… really anything fun is welcome. Not feeling festive? We still love you and you should come check out an amazing night at BTW.

It will be the Star to your Tree, the Sled to your Santa, the Frankincense to your Myrrh, the Green to your Red, the Deck to your Halls, the Mistle to your Toe, the Joy to your World, the Ginger to your Bread Man, the First to your Noel, the Jingle to your Bell… I could keep going but I think you get the idea. You should come.


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