Our first FREE DAY!!!

by lopc

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Yesterday was the hottest it has been since we got here. It was also the first day it wasn’t overcast and the sun actually came out. While the blue skies looked beautiful, the heat did get to some of us. A handful of kids and adults stayed back at the base to take rest, while the rest of us ventured out in a couple of air conditioned buses.

Our first stop was a Hindu temple, so we could see the architecture and the customs. We were asked to take off our footwear because it is a holy place for the Hindus. We darted in and out of the temple pretty fast because the ground was so hot! The air conditioned buses were a hit!!

We then went to an air conditioned mall…….


There were stores like Nike, Lee, Reebok, etc. And there were also several stores where we could get Indian clothes. But best of all, there was KFC, Pizza Hut, Baskin & Robbins, etc. We all went to Pizza Hut for lunch.


Some of the kids tried on Indian clothes….

After we were done at the mall, we went to an Indian handicraft store to buy some souvenirs.

The bus was parked more than half a mile away. Rather than walk in the sun, our host Rosie and her brother Moses hailed several auto rickshaws so we could experience riding in one. It was quite a sight to see a very tall man fit into one of these…


From there, we drove by the beach to a really fancy restaurant….

The views at this restaurant were awesome. We relaxed a bit before we had a very nice buffet dinner with tons of Indian food and other dishes like beef lasagna and several dessert options.

Off to bed now to see what the new day has in store for us….!!

  • So excited for you Kimberly and all your students. What an awesome experience for you all. PaPa and I are praying for you all. You all are doing an amazing job. We love you Kim xxooxoxooxoox

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