New York & Confirmation, Oh My!

by lopcyouth

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This coming Sunday is one of those days when the universe conspires to put a lot on the same day (probably something to do with avoiding Superbowl conflicts the week before and realizing the inevitable conflicts on Presidents’ Weekend the following Sunday). There is a congregational meeting following the Sunday morning services as well, which we try to keep free and clear of other conflicts (you should come to the congregational meeting, by the way, which is a really great time to hear what is happening in the LOPC community).

Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to outline what is happening this Sunday as it relates to high school youth in particular.

So yes, this is all happening this coming Sunday, February 10th…

High School Mission Trip Meeting
5:00pm in the Youth Room (CLC 201)
We are heading to the New York area (specifically Rockaway Beach in the Queens/Long Island area) to do relief work from Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Come to the meeting to hear the latest details, ask any questions, pick up registration forms (which are likely to be posted online around Friday, but meetings are required for trip participants for the sake of ensuring prep information is getting out there!), etc. We will be done with this meeting in time for parents to attend Madeline Levine’s lecture (see below).

Madeline Levine is speaking about Navigating Adolescence
6:00pm in Fellowship Hall – TICKETS REQUIRED
Madeline Levine has spoken at LOPC before and offers a depth of knowledge about adolescent struggles and challenges. It promises to be an informative, thought-provoking evening.

Confirmation’s First Sunday Night Meeting
7:00pm in the Youth Room (CLC 201)
The Confirmation class kicked off with an overnight retreat last Friday, and the regular meeting time, Sunday nights during BTW (7-9pm) start on Feb. 10.

High School BTW
7:00pm in the Youth Room (CLC 201)
Last but not least, high school youth group (BTW) is also happening as normally scheduled on Sunday night! amid everything else going on, we will make time for an Intentional Eating time (time during youth group specifically set aside to eat with each other and get to know new people). We usually only do this on the first Sunday night of each month, but with New Year’s/Winter Break, and the Superbowl this past Sunday, we haven’t had a chance to ‘intentionally’ eat since December. Way too long!

OK, that’s it… if you made it all the way down to the end of this post, here’s your reward:

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