New Mexico – Day 6

by lopc

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Sorry for the delay in posting an update; it has been a busy couple of days.

On Wednesday we had the unfortunate experience of being relieved of some items. Relative to the size of our group, not much was taken: some cash, a couple cameras, and a couple iPods. But it was still a rough day as we all felt the effects of losing a sense of security. But to be honest, I was surprised at how quickly we (and particularly the 5 people who had stuff taken) moved on. We took measures to make sure we were more secure, but in the end the purpose of the trip was to work for others and there was more work to get done. Students seemed to recognize that things can be replaced. And that was the end of that.

Yesterday was our last work day. My group finished the roof we were working on – and I have to say it doesn’t look too bad!

The other sites finished up their projects as well. I’m still collecting photos from other group leaders, but here are a couple from the site that was digging a foundation and building some outhouses…

Today we had a chance to relax. We went out to a State Park and swam, went on hikes, and got a chance to stop by Dairy Queen. Mmmmm cool treats!

Now we are preparing for the final night of worship, followed by our annual talent show! I guarantee some funny pics will show up tonight!

Tomorrow we head back to Albuquerque early in the morning to tour a Rattlesnake Museum (it will definitely be interesting) before getting back to the airport to head home.

We are looking forward to home, but a lot of students have expressed sadness about leaving. Many people have been exceedingly kind to us. They have cooked us lunches and delivered them to us at the worksites out of the goodness of their hearts. They have joined us for dinner where we are staying. They have joined us for worship. Like a lot of mission trips, the work will stay in our memories, but the people have provided more of the impact.

I know I will remember Rubin and Lily – the people living in the house where we replaced the roof. They said they wanted to replace it because they use the house for church gatherings and Bible studies. In short, they see it as a place where Christ works in the lives of other people. And such a place – a place where people come to experience the love of Christ – should not leak in a storm.

Here’s a picture of Rubin and Ian, one of the students who worked on Rubin’s roof.

And now tomorrow we head home! Hopefully we’ll have time for one last post tomorrow at the airport. For the moment it is time to practice some skits for the talent show!

  • Thank you greatly for sharing your Mission Experiences with us back here at LOPC! Our Christian Bond Ties you have made on this trip with Brothers and Sisters-in-the-Lord from another culture is stronger than anything we could imagine! PTL!

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