New Mexico – Day 3

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

We have made it through the second work day – hard to believe we are half way done with our work!

On this trip the work crews stay the same and we return to the same work site each day. So, today got going a lot faster than yesterday as we were able to pick up where we left off.

We are always amazed at the noticeable improvement in skill level on the second work day. The students are more confident (not to mention us adults) with the work we are doing. For those of us working on a roof, we made significant progress, even with a few set backs as we learned the art of placing shingles.

At the end of the third day on a trip, we find we also have some house cleaning to do. There are some items we need to go get, and our rooms need a definite “tidy-ing”.

On a run to the local Walmart, I stopped with a couple people for a treat. Who knew New Mexico would treat us to the fine cuisine called the “Hand Scooped Oreo”? (Quote from Scotty: “They neglect to tell you the hand is mechanical.”)


Upon picking up his dirty socks, Daniel (aka Fuzzy) found a man staring back at him. We aren’t saying it’s Jesus, but…


And finally, Nicholas won the cleanest living space award. This is a highly prestigious award, and those of you who know my own living habit quirks know that I would not give this prize lightly. Congrats, Nicholas!


We are now getting ready for bed. After two hard days of work I am sure we are going to sleep well tonight!

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