More work, Henna and Senior Night

by lopc

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Today, we continued to plaster concrete on the wall surrounding the sandbox. We worked on the tables and benches in the garden and the BBQ pit as well. Most of our kids are now experts at mixing cement and sand for construction purposes!!

The Tree House that we’re constructing in and around the mango tree is exciting, because the kids here are not used to tree houses. 

IMG_5372 IMG_5373

The painting is coming along pretty nicely. Our kids are experts at painting too! We’re painting the inside walls of the new boys dormitory and dining area.

Painting2 Painting

Not only did we paint, but we had also bought some curtains for the new dorm which some of our ladies carried on top of their heads – Indian Style!


Some of our kids also taught English to the COF kids…

Teaching2 Teaching1

The COF kids showed their creative side by making beautiful designs using Henna, on the hands of some of the LOPC girls

IMG_5374 Henna1

Couple of our students volunteered to take portrait pictures of each COF kid…


This is the garden and sandbox at COF. The garden on the right has several fruit trees (that’s where LOPC built the tables and benches). The top left is a banana grove and the bottom left is the sandbox that LOPC built.


Each evening LOPC and COF kids hang out together.

DSCN2959 Kids1 Kids2

We also play several games – Volleyball, skipping ropes, throw ball, cricket, and many more that I don’t know the names for! Here’s a picture of the LOPC vs. COF Cricket Match. LOPC lost yet again, but that’s because COF kids are that good! We did beat them in Volleyball yesterday though 🙂


After hanging out, we conducted VBS that we do daily. Kim and Raenelle have been outstanding in conducting it! We have songs, Bible Story and crafts. Here’s a picture of today’s craft:


Senior Night:
This is always an important aspect of each of our High School Mission Trips. We had our seniors line up and share their experiences at the youth group and how LOPC has impacted their lives. Then the adult advisors shared their experiences with the seniors, what we learnt from them, and wished them well. Finally, the other kids shared about their experiences and what the seniors meant to them.

There were few tears that were shed as people reminisced. We have a great group of young people and we’re so glad to be a part of this wonderful youth group.

14Senior Night

We have just one more work day… Thanks again for all your prayers. We really appreciate them.



  • Kimberly Angle PaPa and Grama are so proud of you and the work you are doing. You and the people you are working with and the students that you are leading are making such a difference in these children’s lives. They will always remember what you all are doing for them. Hugs to you all and especially to Kim. We love you and miss you and will be happy to see you very, very soon. Love You xoxooxoxoxooxox

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