Middle School Meets Seattle

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today we had a chance to enjoy the city of Seattle. After dropping off our bags at Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, our gracious host for the night, we were off to Seattle Center where we could visit the famous Space Needle.


We then had a chance to ride the monorail down to the public market. I’m not gonna lie, when I lived here I saw the monorail at useless and gimicky. But, when you are traveling with a lot of middle schoolers it is a great way to go from the Needle to the Market without having to move all of your cars. Pretty clutch.


And of course we had to visit the gum wall to leave our mark. Sadly, our card from two years ago was gone. Big surprise right? I guess we’ll have to come back in two years to replace this one too.


We then went to a Mariners game. This guy forgot to take a picture with his phone whilst (nice use of ‘whilst’ right?) at the game. You’ll just have to look at them on Facebook after we get home!

Tomorrow we are off to Corvallis, our last stop before home!

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