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Youth and parents already received an email regarding Allison Kunz who is our new Associate Youth Director. She was an excellent support to Keris this week. She has already learnt a lot about our kids and has fit in quite well. Here she is with Keris, tired after a busy week. 

The adult advisors were awesome as well, in spite of being sleep deprived. Our community is blessed with caring people.  

Yesterday was our last work day with Mission Discovery, but we continued that on our own today. 

We woke up early today to complete cleaning both the Church facilities – the boys woke up earlier than the girls did and wanted breakfast earlier. But our wise Pastor Lauren was able to negotiate a time when boys and girls can be served together  🙂 

After breakfast, we loaded up and went to the Bill &  Melinda Gates Foundation where we had a guided tour for 90 minutes. It was a different experience to see how this foundation partners with other organizations to deal with several issues in the society. They are very resourceful in finding simple solutions for milking the cow, carrying water for long distances, etc.  

Pastor and Pastor’s daughter by the Potty. This is a specially designed toilet that does not need a dedicated water line.  

Meet a Need 

Keris gave us few hours to identify a person in need and fulfill his or her desire – for $20.00 or less.  We split into our teams, grabbed some lunch at the Armory and then set on our adventure in finding a person in need. It is good to do this without any preconceived notions. 

Let me share the experiences of a couple of the groups. Colleen’s group found a person who ended up needing a hotel room and the kids pooled in their money and made it happen.  

Alex’s group had a different experience. They met a person whose need was a prayer. When we offered to buy something, he declined and said he can buy slurpees for us from 7-eleven. He spent 2 hours sharing his story and asking the stories of each of us and spending time wishing us well. We prayed holding hands and even a random passerby joined in the prayer. We hugged when we parted ways. He made it clear that the choices we make in life impact us for the rest of our lives. He was excited to have his picture taken! 

This whole week has been an amazing experience for our Students. They learnt so much about poverty from serving at food banks, spending time with under privileged, volunteering at the Boys & Girls club, etc. We request you to pray for all of us that this mission trip would have a lasting impact rather than just for one week. We pray that our way of life would be altered as a consequence of this mission trip. 

We went to the beach and also had talent night, but we’ll put that in a separate post. 

God Bless!!

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