Measuring a Year

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Some of you know that my (Matthias’) time at LOPC is coming to a close in the next couple weeks. I will be finishing seminary and moving to Los Angeles. I am not sure what comes next for me, but I do know what has been this past year.

As I was driving out to Millie’s for the freshmen guys last home group, I was thinking about how we measure a year. Most obviously you have standard measures of time (days, months, etc.). The thought that grabbed me that morning (right about as I was going into the Caldecott tunnel) was measuring a year in what was learned during its course. There is school learning, like all the material in various classes. Then there are other lessons that are learned by experience or outside of the formal setting. Sometimes, I think, there are things we learn which we can’t even articulate in words, but we just are left with a feeling.

So I am going to offer a top five things I learned this year. This is not an exhaustive list, but the top five things that come to my mind, in no particular order:

5) Learned what a houseboat is firsthand. I’d heard of these mythical hybrids, but never before been on one. Verdict: they are pretty awesome!

4) Having good worship music can help make worship happen in my everyday life. So many times this year, songs from BTW would pop into my head during the week, and I would find myself humming to God.

3) I learned about myself that I have a tendency to operate in the realm of ideas. This isn’t bad, but just means I need to recognize it when I am talking with someone who thinks more concretely.

2) Millie’s coffee cake really is as good as everyone says it is. If you have not tried it, get on that!

1) Authentic, deep relationships take time. This can mean they develop over a long period of time, but it also means if you don’t put time into a relationship, if you don’t spend time with a person, it won’t go very far. It can be with friends. It can be with God. But putting in the time pays off in real connection.

It is a good practice to periodically look back and see where we’ve been and what has changed. It helps us keep track of ourselves, our growth, and our relationship with God. What is on your top five list this year? How have you grown, changed, or learned? Where have you seen God at work in this past year?

To wrap up, I want to say a genuine thank you to you all. Being able to walk with you all at LOPC has been a great and grace-filled experience. I have seen God at work in our worshipping together, our laughing and playing together, and our sharing of life and seeking God. I hope and pray that God continues to bless you all, nourishing you as you continue to grow in faith, hope, and love.


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