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by lopc

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             Whew! I am back in California after a week away, visiting my family in Kansas City. As always, this trip back was a whirlstorm of eating big and delicious meals, opening gifts, playing games, catching up with old friends, watching awful, terrible movies (Thor, Horrible Bosses) and lounging around in pajamas until noon (or later), with my family. Maybe you also had family in town, older siblings back from college, lots of new gifts and plenty of time to play. Now, as I write, it is December 31st, and I am thinking about a New Year’s Resolution, thinking about getting back into a normal pattern of life.

            While I was in the Midwest, I could not sleep in, even though I was on break. Every morning, as soon as I was part-way awake, I snapped fully awake and was out of bed. It was just too exciting to be there with my brothers and parents. I didn’t want to spend time sleeping when there were words to say and hear, games, books, jokes, food, and smiling family.

            And that was (and is) a great blessing. My family gets along and laughs a lot when we’re together. The thing is, while I was there, I didn’t do a good job of making time for God. Yes, God was there in our sharing food and conversation; but, I had a hard time committing myself to even a little prayer time in the mornings. I couldn’t sit still when there were adventures to be had. Now, I return home to California tired, a bit overloaded on people and not enough time to myself to recharge each day.

            All in all, it was a great Christmas. As I think about a new year, though, I am leaning towards a resolution to pray every morning for ten minutes. Really, ten minutes isn’t that much time in the scope of a day, even less in the picture of a year. I probably spend ten minutes a day texting, if you added up all those little scraps of time for each text. On the other hand, it can have a big impact on each day. I’m less of a grouch, more rooted in love, assured of a deep belonging.

            So that’ll be my New Year’s resolution: start every morning with prayer. Hopefully, I’ll keep it up, even through the excitement of next year’s holidays.

            What about you all? Any New Year’s resolutions?

– Matthias

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