Los Gigantes

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

High school took a little trip out to AT&T Park this past Saturday to see the Giants take on the Milwaukie Brewers. I can only assume the Giants won because we came out to support them; I know what a difference we make when we show up.


It was a great day for a game!




We even got a chance to see Brian Wilson, Mr. Got Hiiiim, the actual beard to fear, close out the 9th inning.

Fear the Beard

Charlie and Jett decided to walk around… and also sneak into better seats on occasion. They got to be pretty popular with the folks taking photos of fans. I went ahead and tracked down and then ‘borrowed’ this sample as proof of how casually cool they are when walking around the stadium. I also have to wonder why the photo people don’t actually get people to stand still and pose as opposed to catching them just walking around.

Casually Cool

Now there’s a few things you need to know about Charlie. First, Charlie cares about the environment and as a result he doesn’t like to see anything go to waste. Second, Charlie likes candy. So, when he buys the sour watermelon wedges and gets to the last one in the bag, he also discovers all the leftover sugar in the bottom of the bag. It would really just be irresponsible and insensitive to the planet to waste it.

Sugar Rush

Way to go, Charlie. Saving the planet one handful of sugar at a time.