Los Angeles Trip – Monday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Mission, Youth Ministry

Group 1 visited Faith in Christ Ministries, an organization that serves the community by providing hot breakfast, boxes of groceries, donated clothing, children’s activities, and family events. The youth unloaded two vans full of food donations from Amtrak then sorted and portioned the food for distribution. They also made fliers for an upcoming children’s program, shredded old documents, and did some general cleaning and reorganizing. The team then went to Urban Rescue Mission, the only shelter for children and families in LA. They spent time socializing with women in the shelter, coloring, & painting nails.


Group 2 got up bright and early to head to one of our Salvation Army sites where they will lead a Vacation Bible Camp this week. In the afternoon, they spent time in downtown LA doing City Search, an activity to help students discover what it would be like for a recent immigrant or ex-convict to find a job and a way to support their family.


Group 3 spent the morning in downtown LA having their own City Search experience. They also met an elderly man (pictured) who had some wise insights to share with the youth about social justice issues and the importance of keeping one’s faith in God. In the afternoon, they went to another Salvation Army site. They had a blast playing soccer, foosball, air hockey, jumprope, ping pong, & billiards with the children!


All three groups finished the night with dinner and a prayer tour of the city. We drove through many of the city’s districts while hearing statistics about the people and the needs of the community. We ended with a time of reflection and prayer at City Hall. Things are going great and we can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of the week!