LOPC Salinas 2016 – final day

by lopc

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Usually on mission trips, we have fun day on the sixth day. But this time, we had the hike and beach during the work week, which enabled us to have a bonus work/fun day today. We woke up at the usual time, had breakfast and packed lunch and had personal devotion time.

After that, we packed our bags, had teams assigned to clean various rooms in the Church where we stayed. We are so grateful for their hospitality and flexibility in letting us stay there for a whole week.

Once all the cars were loaded, all of us went to a community park which used to be a dump yard few years ago. We partnered with an organization which wanted to put in a garden in the community park.

We were split into teams to build several garden beds – some designed for a Children’s Garden as well. We also did weeding, filled the garden beds with mulch and dirt, built compost areas among other things.

It was real fun for the whole team to work together. We even had a DJ with some great music which made us break into a dance!

Around lunch time one of our teams went to organize a free flea market for migrant workers.

We finished around 3 pm, put away the tools, had a brief session where we shared our experiences and ended the trip in prayer.

After that we headed back to LOPC.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without these two amazing people –

They also smile at times 🙂

Here are some more pictures from today:




In conclusion, this was a wonderful trip with lots of service projects where our participants could see the less fortunate and be intentional about what we can do about it.

Thank you for following this blog this week –

LOPC Youth Team!

  • Thank you for the wonderful postings this week. They have been awesome! Looks like it was quite a week – the leaders are stars!!!

    xoxo Sue Nagle


  • I am amazed and pleased at all the work you have done, truly remarkable. And I am sure you can understand the life of a migrant worker better now. A wonderful week of work, learning, and fun!