LOPC Houseboats Trip 2015

by lopc

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We got back today from a wonderful weekend at the Delta in Stockton, CA on the San Joaquin river. 

It all started on Friday evening at LOPC around 4 pm when volunteer drivers drove kids to the houseboats. We partnered with Sonshine ministries to help us this weekend. 

This was at the parking lot where we were given instructions and houseboat assignments: 

We then got on our houseboats – 2 for the ladies and 2 for the gentlemen and then had pizza for dinner. Soon after, we went through the delta for little over an hour to reach the destination to dock the boats: 

Sunset on the way there: 

Keris Dahlkamp our youth director, shared the theme for the weekend “Just be”. After prayer, we broke into different small groups to catch up and then went to the roof of the boats to sleep in our sleeping bags. 

We woke up Saturday morning at sunrise: 


We had good food the entire weekend with plenty of options!! Thanks to Allison Kunz, our Associate youth director for shopping for all of us!

During and after breakfast, the boys had first shot at the banana boats (pictures at the end). 

We also had fun jumping off the boats into the water (after depth check, of course). Pictures at the end…

Some of us played indoor games when we needed a change: 

The girls went on the banana boats after the boys and we all had a relaxed day either swimming, jumping off the boats, playing indoor games, catching up with friends or simply catching up on sleep!!

Allison Kunz shared on the same theme for the evening worship which was also led by our students Maia, Sam, PJ and Taylor: 

We met in our small groups and then went to the roof of our boats to just wind down and eventually go to sleep (some later than others). 

We had an interesting night where it drizzled couple of times and had very strong winds which woke most of us up. However, thankfully, it was over as quickly as it started and most of us continued to sleep on the roof of the boats while a handful of us went indoors. 

We woke up at sunrise today, had breakfast and morning worship which was led by the worship team and Allison Kunz. She encouraged us to have a quiet time with the Lord and meditate on  a Psalm.  

After the quiet time, some of us jumped off the boat and swam for a short time before it was time for us to head back. We thanked our partners Sonshine Ministries and headed back home. 

Banana boat, swimming and fun pictures: 


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