Keris' Phone, Work Projects & Play Time

by lopc

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Keris wanted to let all parents know that his phone has stopped working, so he hasn’t been able to receive texts or calls for the last few days. Please use the other numbers that were provided to you. Or, you can use 925-822-8248. If you send a text, we will respond as soon as we can.

The kids are all feeling great today after good rest over the weekend. All the projects went ahead without a problem. Here are some pictures:

Listening Library:

DSC_0627 DSC_0617

BBQ Pit:


Tree House:


Toilets for the Church:

IMG_5356 IMG_5361 IMG_5351

Sitting area in the Garden:



IMG_4707 IMG_4708 IMG_4711 IMG_4712 IMG_4715

The boundary wall and sandbox have been completed. There’s a picture of the sandbox below, along with other pictures of our youth and COF kids hanging out…..

IMG_5365 IMG_5363 IMG_5366IMG_5368 IMG_5362


Our small groups are responsible for washing all plates and silverware after each meal, on a rotational basis:


After we were done working, playing & VBS, we had some great food for the stomach, and also food for thought that was shared by Raenelle:


We have just two more work days left!!

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