Introductions, singing, dancing, playing, etc.

by lopc

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After a good night’s rest at an amazing hotel with warm water and warmer service, we had good Indian and western breakfast. We then loaded the buses with our bags and headed to Dominos for lunch. There is a school in the same building and the kids waved at us as we entered and left, and made us feel like celebrities.




We then headed to the orphanage 30 minutes away. The kids took in the sights as we went from a semi urban, to a rural landscape. We even had to chop a branch off a tree so the bus could make the turn into the street that the orphanage is on.



This is the view of the orphanage from the new dormitory that houses us. We’re surrounded by lush greenery with few mountains and lots of open space.



We received our initial briefing and unpacked our bags and then went to meet the kids at the orphanage. They were so adorable and very friendly. They gave a beautiful garland to each of us and then proceeded to sing and dance for us. We also sang and danced with them and gave them some gifts that we took from California. We played several games with them as well, which included soccer, basket ball, volley ball, and few others.











After that, we headed back to our dorms and had Indian dinner which included rice, lentil soup, chicken, banana and samosas. We then broke into small groups for a while before hitting the showers and then crashing on the bed.
Tomorrow is our first work day, so we’re super excited!!!

  • Praying for you all! What an awesome experience you are having. Love those children well and leave your mark making a difference for the Kingdom!

    p.s. Love you, Kimberly!

  • We are praying for all of you. We let the congregation know at Sunday Services that you had arrived safely. We are proud of you and we pray you have a transformative time loving and being with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Many blessings to all of you!

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