India Mission Trip – Service Day Three

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today was HOT!

But we tried to drink plenty of water, take rest and still managed to have lots of fun!

Some of the LOPC kids started to learn few words/phrases in Telugu, the local language here.

Few of them even started to eat with their fingers and not use a fork, which is the usual Indian way of eating – and you’re not allowed to use your left hand!

We are all enjoying the wonderful food prepared here so lovingly. While we have backup options with cereal and other food that we’re accustomed to, we haven’t had the need to dig into those.


Rosie and Anand are very gracious hosts and check in with us regularly on how we’re all doing and if there is anything they can change to make our lives easier. Their love for our kids is very apparent in how we’re taken care of.

Keris, Allison and Lauren are wonderful leaders who keep things moving – dealing with all our kids, advisors and our hosts.

We have professionals as adult advisors on this trip, which is very beneficial for all of us.

Michael Kim and Michelle Faxel are our medical professionals.

Carrie Wiseman, a teacher back in the Lamorinda area, put in more than 200 hours of prep time for the curriculum before the trip!

Kris Ramirez and Graham Wiseman are our general contractors.

Patty Gonser and Ginny Ross have been working closely with Children of Faith for the last few years.

Kris Foss, Char Casella, Carolyn Bauer and Alex Aruliah (me) are the other advisors on this trip.



Today’s Schedule:

Pretty much like the last couple of days, three teams were in classrooms teaching the COF kids.

One team was responsible for cleaning and gardening.

One team continued to paint the newly built boys dorm.

The last team started to build a chicken coop.


Here are pictures of our downtime, play time and VB Camp:


After dinner, Allison led us during the devo time and then we broke off into small groups.

Our kids have been exploring uniqueness, forgiveness, happiness, community and other things.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers.