India Mission Trip – Service Day Four

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

The LOPC kids have been curious about COF and it’s kids, so we had a Q & A session with Rosie Thandu this morning.

Our kids wanted to know how the orphanage started, where it’s headed, why are the kids so happy with less, is this what Rosie wanted to do, etc.

Rosie answered all our questions and explained that each kid is happy here even though they don’t have the amenities and technologies that kids in the US are accustomed to, because they each have a story about their past.

They come from abusive households or underprivileged homes and are very grateful to be given the opportunity to experience life at COF.


Teams were assigned to teaching, painting and cleaning…


We had some interesting things happen during the hang out time – we had a snake charmer bring a snake so some of our daring participants could touch it.

Also, we had the COF kids teach the LOPC kids (and adults) how to wash clothes without a washing machine – so parents, try and get your kids to have them show you when they come back home!


Here are pictures from VBS and hang out time: