India Mission Trip – Service Day Five

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

After Church and rest day yesterday, we’re back to our work schedule today.

After breakfast, three teams tutored, one team went to the city, one team worked on the chicken coop and one team painted.


Tutoring is a significant portion of this trip. Carrie Wiseman spent a lot of time putting together the curriculum by grade.

We have a little bit of phonics, reading aloud, activity, and journal writing.

Our kids have been amazing educators, and the COF kids are learning a lot.


Due to the humidity, majority of us used the 3 hour rest time after lunch to take a nap.

Some of us played cards, did laundry, just hung out, etc.

After free time, we went to hang out with the kids and make cards together.


We also had Vacation Bible camp and today’s topic was about the Good Samaritan and our student volunteers did a good job with the story.

We then hung out more with the kids and went on to dinner.

After dinner, we had worship time where Graham Wiseman shared a thought about blessings.

We ended the day with small groups.


Here are today’s pictures:

Work time (Painting, Tutoring):


Pictures of meal time and downtime:


Hanging out with Kids, Vacation Bible Camp, Birthday Celebrations: