India Mission Trip – Service Day Eight

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

Internet is back! Yay!!

Today was regular schedule with breakfast and then service.
Three teams were in the classrooms, one team visited the city, one team painted and the last team did deep cleaning. Teams have also started to practice for the COF celebration planned for Saturday.

After service, we had lunch and then free time as usual.

At 4 pm, Lauren led the group in a foot-washing experience. She explained the verses in the Bible where Jesus washed his disciples feet. Then we had the LOPC participants wash the feet of the COF kids, and they in return washed the feet of the LOPC participants. It was a very emotional experience for several of us. For more than half of the LOPC group, foot washing was a very new experience and it reminded all of us to be humble.

We hung out and played with the kids after foot-washing, and then had our final day of Vacation Bible Camp at 6 pm. Today’s craft was making crosses from corn husks. Kris Foss did an amazing job coordinating and leading the VB Camp and we had wonderful student volunteers who helped on different days.

We then had dinner. We had somew Mac ‘n Cheese that the kids loved because it was a nice change from the rice we’ve had on most days. Some of the kids can’t wait to eat some American food 🙂

Following dinner, we had devos which included worship and a talk by Alex (me!) about foot-washing and how that relates to us, and then we broke off into small groups.


Since we have internet now, I’m including pictures from the last couple of days as well:

Service Projects and Classroom:


Hang out, Down time and Play Time:


Vacation Bible Camp:


Foot Washing:



Devotionals and worship:



Birthdays (Both COF and LOPC):





City Visits – sightseeing and shopping:



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