India Mission Trip – Holy Day (Church and Rest)

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

Since we came back late from the restaurant last night, we slept in and had a continental breakfast which was open till 9:30 am.

During this time, our worship team practiced to sing few songs at the Church Service.


Most of our kids had purchased Indian clothes yesterday, and they put them on today for Church.

The COF girls helped our ladies to wrap saris around them.

Once we were all ready, we got in air conditioned buses to go to the Church about half hour away.


The Church here was a very different experience for most of us because the guys and girls sit on separate sides of the Church, women cover their heads with scarves or the end of their saris, all of us leave the footwear outside the Church, etc.

We had few songs in the local languages and our worship team led few songs in English.

Pastor Lauren Gully shared the word of God in English, which was interpreted by Anand Thandu.

Lauren included her personal experiences and beautifully portrayed how we worship the One and Same God in spite of our several differences.


Once the Church service was done (almost 2 hours 🙂 ), we took some pictures in our Indian clothes and got on the bus to go back to COF.

We had lunch and then had the whole afternoon/evening free to rest, relax and spend time with COF kids.

Kris Ramirez, one of our general contractors, left to go back to US (planned departure).


In the evening, girls at COF and LOPC painted each others nails (some of the boys did it too!)

Several of our participants also got henna drawn on their arms. Henna is a plant based ink that’s like a tattoo. It is not permanent, and completely goes away in a week to two months, depending on how strong it is.

We also played Volley Ball, Cricket, Throw Ball, and other games with the COF kids.


Some of our kids even decided to laundry without the help of the COF kids.

We did not have a large group devo tonight because we had the Church service this morning, but we did have small groups.


That’s the update for today. Here are the pictures:


Worship Team Practice Picture:


Getting ready for Church:


Going to church, during the service, and after the Church pictures:



Kris Ramirez flying back:


Henna / Nail Polish / Hang out time pictures:


Doing laundry without help:


Sail Shade donated and installed by LOPC: