India Mission Trip – getting to know kids

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

The day started at a leisurely pace with a breakfast buffet at the Best Western Ramachandra Hotel. We had both Indian and non-Indian options.

After breakfast, we had downtime for a couple of hours where we could just hang out or sleep or play games.

At 11:45 am, we collected all the cell phones from the students (some of them weren’t thrilled to part with them), then met in the meeting room of the hotel where Keris went over the day with instructions. Michelle Faxel, our nurse on the trip provided instructions on how to wash our hands and take preventive measures for us to stay healthy. Michael Kim, our doctor on the trip, and Michelle, have been doing an amazing job making sure the students take their meds on time. Jeremy closed the meeting in prayer and we just took some pictures while waiting for the buses to arrive

We then boarded the buses to go have pizza at Domino’s.

From there, we went to Children of Faith, where Ginny Ross was bestowed the honor of cutting the ribbon to open the newly built boys dormitory on the third floor, after Pastor Moses, Rosie’s brother, and our own Pastor Lauren Gully, led us in prayer.

We then settled into our living quarters with bunk beds – girls on the second floor and guys on the third floor. We did what we had to do to get a clothes line to dry our clothes, since there was a slight drizzle the whole day.

The kids at Children of Faith (COF) finished their school day and came to meet us around 4 pm. They had wonderful flower garlands for each LOPC participant, and then we hung around so the two groups could interact.

The day ended with wonderful dinner prepared lovingly by COF staff. It consisted of rice, mashed potatoes with Indian spices, rolls and banana. After dinner, we had a short time for devo and instructions.

It was super fun to see the sheer excitement of kids (and adults) at both groups while interacting with each other. The kids took the initiative of coming up with games that would involve all kids. Language didn’t seem to be a barrier at all. We are all blessed to be here. But we are pretty tired, so we all appreciated when Keris said lights out at 10 pm.

Tomorrow would be day-one of our service.