India Mission Trip – Fun Day & COF Celebration

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

We started the day pretty early (at 7 am) and walked to the site where the new school (Hope Academy) is planned.

Pastor Lauren prayed over the site after Rosie explained how it was a miracle that they got the site, and even though it looks barren now, the building will be raised next time we come here.


After breakfast, we had some downtime where we practiced for our evening program.

At 11:30 am, we had fun with water balloons and just dumping water on each other. As crazy as this may seem, everyone enjoyed it a lot since it was a relief from the heat.


We then had lunch and more downtime before the evening program.


When it was close to the time for the COF celebration, the heavens opened up and we had heavy rains and thunderstorm.
The lightning display in the sky was amazing. A bunch of kids ooohed and aaahed each time they saw a flash of lightning.

This delayed the program and we almost postponed it to tomorrow.
But by the time we finished dinner, the rain and lightning stopped so we decided to go ahead with the program.

The COF kids and LOPC participants took turns in dancing and skits.
It was very fun to see different cultures display their ‘entertaining’ skills.


Tomorrow, we will have a church service right here at COF where Keris will share the word of God.

After that, we will pack, clean, hang out with the kids, and leave for the airport after dinner.

Please pray that we will have a safe journey back.



Visit to the school site (Hope Academy):



Water fun:



Rain & Lightning:


COF Celebration: