India Mission Trip – Service Day One

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

Here are our amazing youth directors on the roof of the boys dorm, with the school/girls dorm (for COF) in the background:

Here is our daily schedule:

Credit for the artwork above: Kris Foss 🙂


We woke up to a very pleasant and wet morning with a light drizzle and then headed to breakfast…


At the end of each meal, we have a different team responsible for cleaning everyone’s dishes…

Our group was split into 6 teams that were travel families when we came here, and were also our work groups. There are two to three adult advisors in each team.

Three teams per day (on rotation) will be helping tutor the kids in school.

Here are some pictures from there…


One of the teams were responsible for cleaning all the toilets, sweep/mop the living, dining and kitchen areas, wipe down all tables, counters, etc.


Two of the teams prepared and started to paint the brand new boys dorm…


By noon, our service was done and we cleaned up to have some delicious chicken, Lentil soup (Sambar) and rice.


After lunch, we had a three hour downtime where we could rest, do our devotionals, hang out with each other, shower, or even cut each other’s hair!!


At about 4 pm, we had tea and some Indian snacks and then hung out with the kids at Children of Faith for a couple of hours. The boys (both LOPC and COF) enjoyed playing cricket, the most popular game in India, while the girls showed their artistic skills with chalk and played other games. It was such fun to see these kids play together. We were schooled in the game of cricket and some of our students did really well. We also thought the COF kids some games.


Zoe, one of our LOPC kids, celebrated her birthday today. Rosie got her a huge cake and it sure was a blessing to have almost 200 people singing Happy Birthday and for her to share her joy with all of us.



After celebrating Zoe’s birthday, Kris Foss and few LOPC volunteers led Vacation Bible Camp for the kids. The theme was ‘Uniqueness’ and how we are all very special to God.


Not only did we have stories and crafts, but LOPC kids taught songs to COF kids, and COF kids taught LOPC kids an Indian song.

Here are short snippets of both songs…






After Vacation Bible Camp it was time for dinner. We had rotis (like wheat tortillas), rice and mashed potatoes with garbanzo beans. The food overall has been very good and our kids have commented how amazing it has been.

We had a little bit of downtime after dinner during which time they got their meds (malaria pills and other meds) under the supervision of Michael Kim and Michelle Faxel.

At 8:30 pm, we had devotion led by Keris and the worship team. We talked about the cultural differences, how we fit into the COF story, etc., and then broke into small groups to continue the discussion. We had more downtime after small groups, till lights out at 10 pm.

Thank you all for your continued prayers during our mission trip.