India Mission Trip – Final Service Day, Beach Day and Senior Night

by Alex Aruliah

Categories: Youth Ministry

We were about to go on a hike with just the senior class at 6 am this morning, but the skies opened up and we had thunder storms. so we spent some time in the dining hall with just the seniors and Pastor Lauren led them in a short devotional.

After that we had breakfast and were sent to our respective work groups. Today was the final service day. In the classrooms, we went over what was covered the last couple of weeks. At the end, we recieved feedback from the COF kids and teachers regarding our teaching, and it was very positive. Special thanks once again to Carrie Wiseman for putting the curriculum together.

The other groups painted the ball court, did deep cleaning, visited the city and practiced for the celebration tomorrow.

After lunch, all the LOPC and COF kids got in 3 buses to go to a beach. All of us had a lot of fun on the beach, since the water was much cooler. Cricket, Kabaddi and other games were played.

We came back to COF, had dinner, and participated in ‘Senior Night’. All the graduating highschool seniors on the trip addressed thanked the youth group and the advisors and provided advice to the others. Pasrticipants stood up and shared a memory with specific seniors. There were definitley some tears as well.

All in all, it was a wonderful day!



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