Houston Mission Trip – Tuesday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Jeff & Carolyn’s crew was able to finish staining the fence around the entire back and side yards of Wandaful’s house today! Some of the crew members also finished gutter reinforcements and others entertained the resident’s great-grandson.


John & Denise’s crew worked very hard today to continue their work on the new drywall for their resident’s home. Fred & Lauren’s crew painted the exterior of their resident’s home today. Did you know that home owners can lose their home insurance if they are unable to keep their house painted? Old flaking paint can allow moisture to enter the wood siding causing rot, mold, and more. Our work leaves not only a nice looking fresh coat of paint but also a sense of security for home owners!

Cameron & Keris’s crew continued to work on painting the rooms inside the home and power washing the exterior. They also battled with a difficult tree stump that needs to be removed, finished repairing lattice, and prepped to get a new portion of fence installed!

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