Houston Mission Trip – Thursday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Here are some belated pictures from the group’s beach trip yesterday. Everyone had a great time!

Crew 1 (Leaders Jeff & Carolyn) finished up their work at Wandaful’s house by clearing dead grass and laying tanbark. They loved hearing Wandaful share about her life experience and her own faith journey with God. Tomorrow, the crew will pick up Wandaful with her great-grandson and his pal so they can attend the Friday evening all camp celebration program. There will be 350 people in attendance! Since the crew wrapped up their projects early, they moved on to assist Crew 4 in their work.

Crew 2 (Leaders John & Denise) did more puttying, skim coating, and sanding at Ike and Mary’s home as they prepped the new walls for painting. They also painted part of the ceiling. This home was flooded with 2 feet of water, enough that all the furniture was floating! This is the eighth crew that has come to work on the extensive home repairs required. The family has a few kids, so the youth is loving hanging out with them. They also took a break to pick up supplies and also some stylish accessories at Lowe’s. Ike is constantly thanking us for our work and praising God. Mary wondered aloud how a person can doubt God when there are so many people willing to help them recover. The crew hopes to finish painting tomorrow!


Crew 3 (Leaders Lauren & Fred) finished all the priming yesterday, so today they were able to paint the gates outside and more of both the inside and outside of the house. There is still a lot left to do on the lengthy project list, so they got some much appreciated help from a crew from another church!


Crew 4 (Leaders Keris & Cameron) was joined by Crew 1 as there was a lot to do at the site. They worked on exterior painting, fence rebuilding, and some interior painting. Cameron also taught everyone how to fill holes with putty and use caulking guns. Yay for new skills!


The team wrapped up the day with a youth group devotional. Keris shared stories from his life and encouraged youth that is actually IS okay to not be okay sometimes.


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