Houston Mission Trip – Sunday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Our day started with a worship service at Northwoods Presbyterian Church where our group had spent the night. After the service, the team drove to Trinity Klein Lutheran Church, Group Mission Trips’ home base in Houston and our new home for the week. Everyone was too excited to look at the camera!

Today was special not only as our first full day in Houston, but also because it was Cate’s 18th birthday! She was celebrated with a cake and numerous renditions of the Happy Birthday song.


At the home base, our group of 48 was joined by other church youth groups making up a total of nearly 400 campers in Houston for this week’s camp! We got settled into our rooms and took a quick trip to Walmart for some last minute supplies.


Group Mission Trip’s staff (called “Red Shirts”), led an adult leaders’ meeting and an all-camp orientation. After dinner, Red Shirts led safety training and then our team was split up into four “crews” which will be our serving teams for the week.

Each crew received their project assignment and each individual crew member picked a leadership role. Each person’s role is vital to the success of the group, and includes tasks such as packing team lunches, helping the driver navigate, assessing safety of the project site, gathering all required tools and supplies for the project, keeping the team hydrated, connecting with the resident on the project site, and leading a time of crew devotions during lunch. These roles give students an opportunity to take personal ownership over the project and to lead themselves, rather than relying on the adult for every group need.

Our team is excited and ready to plunge into a week of service, providing relief to the people of Houston impacted by Hurricane Harvey!

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