Houston Mission Trip – Monday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today was our first day of service in Houston! Jeff & Keris got up very early to serve the team by picking up some extra tools for the day’s work.

Jeff & Carolyn’s crew is assisting a woman named Loretta who prefers to be called Wandaful. Wandaful will be 70 this February and is a retired High School teacher. She has “buckets of wisdom” to share with the youth! Wandaful’s great grandson Jayce was also present and had a blast playing with the youth. The crew will be painting the house, fortifying gutters, staining a fence, putting in a new gate post, and adding tanbark.


John & Denise’s crew spent the day mudding some fresh new drywall to replace the old walls which were damaged by flooding from the hurricane. The crew made a lot of progress!


Lauren & Fred’s crew is serving resident Yvonne whose house was flooded up to the windows in Hurricane Harvey. Yvonne lives with her mom who has a broken hip. The crew is painting the entire inside of the house and prepping the exterior for paint!

Cameron & Keris’s crew worked on Lisa’s house. Lisa’s mom, Linda, was also present helping as she is recovering from cancer. Their home was flooded to about 4 feet up the wall during the hurricane and sustained lots of damage. Lisa and Linda are wonderful hosts; they had food out for the crew and even baked cookies and brownies! The crew’s project list includes fence repair, painting the house exterior and a couple of interior rooms, and minor yard work.


After the day’s work, all our crews returned to home base and got cleaned up. Most of the youth played some intense rounds of “the hand game”. We’re ready for another day of serving tomorrow!

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