Houston Mission Trip – Friday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

Jeff & Carolyn’s crew was combined again today with Keris & Cameron’s crew. The team found Lisa’s graduation picture along with other mementos in the garage. Everything had water damage. After the hurricane, the house was taken down to the studs and has been rebuilt through Lisa’s online application to Heart for Texas. Linda, Lisa’s mother, has been staying with Lisa as she fights ovarian cancer. Lisa has been through chemo and returns to work next week. Linda was very excited to make her specialty gooey fudge brownies for the crew! Before leaving the site, the two groups circled up for a time of prayer.


Ike and Mary were so grateful for Denise & John’s crew and thanked them in Texas style with hugs, blessings, and words of wisdom for life. Mary shared that the laughing, singing, and constant chatter made their home feel full of family. She thinks it will feel lonely after the crew leaves. The team was able to finish the project of mudding and painting the entry hall, kitchen, breakfast area, and living room then added three more rooms for good measure! Mary appreciated the most when the group cleaned the kitchen, emptied the trash, and did the dishes!


Lauren & Fred’s crew was joined by our beloved BTW advisor Tom who flew in to visit! They were able to completely finish painting both the inside and outside of Yvonne’s house! She was very happy and grateful for our work. Yvonne had open heart surgery recently but still insisted on painting alongside the crew.  She also said she was impressed with our wonderful teens and the effort they put into serving and wanted to thank them the only way she knew how; by buying them lunch. The crew decided to pay this kind gesture forward by giving out their uneaten brown bag lunches to some folks living on the streets.

Residents were invited to a closing program in the evening for all the youth groups serving in Houston this week spread across 50+ crews and 350 people! The program celebrated all the work that had been accomplished this week and all the relationships that have been formed.


A hard day of work was followed by an amazing senior night. Seniors sat at the front of the room and the rest of the group took turns sharing memories and affirmations from time spent together over the years at LOPC. There was much love and more than a few tears.

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