Hot Hot Hot!!

by lopc

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Today was the hottest day yet, and it was our last work day. We paced ourselves well since most of our projects were completed. We stayed hydrated, took breaks, stayed in the shade, etc. and finished our last work day successfully. Here are some pictures of our projects:

Project Project2 Project3 Project4 Project5

COF Kids loved the sand box that we built…

COF Kids COF Kid2

Some of our LOPC guys were adventurous and had henna tattoos (temporary for a week or two) on their arms/hands. Rosie and COF kids wrote our names in Telugu, along with some creative artwork. I must say that I liked the designs on the girls much better because they were so much prettier.

Henna1 Henna2 Henna3

Here is Keris all set to start the leaders meeting…


We had fun during VBS with a parachute.



Also, we had pictures of both LOPC and COF kids the first day we met, and handed them out to the kids with picture frames that they could decorate themselves…


We celebrated Abby Lee’s birthday today!!

Abby4 Abby3 Abby2 Abby1

Kim shared the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet during the LOPC worship time. The adult advisors then washed the feet of LOPC kids just before small group. It was a meaningful experience for both the adults and our kids.


Tomorrow, we start cleaning & packing, hang out with the COF kids and then have a talent show in the evening. After that, we will bid good byes to the COF kids and go on to the hotel, where we can have a normal shower (we’ve been using a bucket shower for the last 10 days!)

It’s been a great and enriching experience so far….

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