Home Group Night for High School BTW

by lopc

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Three times a year we celebrate Home Groups. Rather than coming to the church for youth group, each small group sets up a time and place to meet together. Adults have called with information on where and when the groups decided to meet, but just in case you didn’t hear, this is the list of locations and times. If you have any questions, or need addresses, please contact Zach (925-360-4365) or Brie (707-718-1713).


9th Grade Guys
Sam Shain’s House

10th Grade Guys
Larry has a family commitment and Roger “Iron Man” Freet is caught the vicious cold going around. The 10th grade guys are setting a later time to meet – keep and eye and ear out for details coming your way soon!

11th & 12th Grade Guys
David Furtado’s House


9th Grade Ladies
Rachel Cratsenburg’s House

10th Grade Ladies
Emma Patton’s House

11th Grade Ladies
Maddy Bush’s House

12th Grade Ladies
Grace Lovell’s House

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