Holiday Fun In Progression…

by lopc

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Last night was the 10th annual Justin McRoberts Christmas benefit concert!

JMac Duckface

A few of us* had a chance to chat with Justin after the show and got a combination selfie-duckface photo with him because he is:
a) a genuinely nice guy
b) slightly frightened by us
c) feeling the holiday spirit
d) has been secretly adoring duckface photos for years
e) all of the above, although (d) is yet to be confirmed

Props to J Mac for a great show, for still being around, and for all the work he does in the Diablo Valley area and beyond!

Tomorrow (Monday) the fun continues with the 3rd annual Progressive Brunch-fest (well, first annual brunch-fest, specifically, but 3rd annual eat-a-crap-ton-of-food-whilst-enjoying-the-awesomeness-of-winter-break) for all high school students! We are expecting close to 50 people, so come join the madness fun as we make our way to several homes in the Lamorinda area for great food and even better people**!

10:00am – All High Schoolers meet at LOPC to begin the progressive fun!

College students will celebrate the 2nd annual Progressive Dinner, also on Monday night –
6:00pm – all College Students home for the holidays meet at LOPC 
(you can also meet us at the Olufson house at 6:30 if you want)
The College Progressive Dinner is on Facebook if you want to check out details or RSVP!

*Congrats to Claire’s and Shannon’s eyes for looking like the scary animal in the darkness just beyond the firelight while camping
**Brie and Zach notwithstanding

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